Toronto 5/6

Aside from the Castle, which will have to have it’s own post (obviously), these two places were my favorite sites in Toronto. The first place, Nathan Phillips Square is the location of the governmental buildings. It also houses this adorable Toronto Sign that reflects into the water. It’s things like this that give a city character and I really enjoyed this space. The second place, is the Distillery District. You will find a lot of information on traveling in Toronto, but (again, aside from the Castle), I highly recommend spending an afternoon in the Distillery District. There are tons of places to shop, pecan butter tarts, art galleries, it’s own brewery, and the district itself is so quaint and full of character. If you are from America, you literally feel as if you’ve been transported back in time.

See the unseen side of Toronto, here, see the bluffs here, and the touristy side here, some architecture here, and finally my favorite places below!

Scarbourough Bluffs – Toronto 1/6

1We spent several days in Toronto for my birthday. We toured the city, drank many coffees, shopped, toured, and did as much as we could. One of the days we were there, we rented a car and drove East up the coast away from the city. We grabbed breakfast on the road and drove for about an hour until we reached the Scarbourough Bluffs. The Bluffs are an escarpment on the coast in the district of Scarborough in Toronto and if you go to Bluffer’s Park, you can walk out onto Lake Ontario and see them from afar. I don’t know if it was the time of year or just the weather, but aside from only a few folks, we were alone here. The wind and the cold were sharp, but the beauty of the bluffs and the park was incomparable. The water was smooth and clear. The foliage was bright and contrasting. We were only there for a few hours, but it was one of the best parts of the trip.
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DSCN5352Tulsa >>>>>>>>> Atlanta
DSCN5349DSCN5362DSCN5356DSCN5382DSCN5372Atlanta>>>>>>>>>>Montego Bay
DSCN5379DSCN5383 DSCN5385DSCN5544DSCN5451DSCN5540DSCN5406DSCN5415Literally spelled how they say it, “Wata”
DSCN5436I won’t lie. The beginning of this trip was not that great  rough. Our flight departed Tulsa at 6:15am and though it was early, we were both in such an excited state that we put big smiles on knowing we would be in Jamaica by noon! We arrived in Georgia on time, had our last American meal (at Arby’s!), and then boarded the plane to Montego Bay. Once the airplane door was sealed, we were informed that the flight had been delayed. We sat on that airplane for four hours before it ever left the airport. FOUR HOURS.

Finally the plane departed and we were on our way to Jamaica! I stared out that plane window for the entire two and half hours of flight. I was not going to miss seeing that blue water from the sky and I’m so glad I didn’t . Seeing the clouds, the islands, the water, it was absolutely unbelievable, captivating. Once we landed in Montego Bay we grabbed our carry-ons and walked ran to the baggage claim. (Hey, we were so EXCITED)

Now imagine the look on my face when they said, “We can’t find your bags.” Really? I was on that plane for FOUR HOURS how did my baggage not make it on there?! So with heavy hearts/optimistic attitudes we trailed through customs (luckily with no baggage) and made it to the bus for our Resort.

Our resort was actually pretty far from the airport (a two hour drive) so we were able to kick back, look out the window, and take in Jamaica. The coast of Jamaica was gorgeous, the blue water, luscious greenery, blooming flowers, white sand, but the country itself was very poor. Poverty covered the streets but the people there are all smiles, it’s Jamaica man , no worries!  Because we didn’t leave our resort much, we enjoyed this drive tracking through towns and seeing what life there was really like.

Once we arrived at our GORGEOUS resort, we were greeted with drinks and several men offering to carry our nonexistent baggage. Here we arrived in our first room (yes there was more than one) which was an upgrade from what we originally booked. Unfortunately the shower was broken and there were ants (NOTE: Jamaican ants are awful they bite and are semi-microscopic, comparable to a flea) so we called the front desk. They moved us to another room, which we could only stay in for one night because it was booked for another couple already. So for all this trouble: The manager gave us the hook up of an ocean front view with a king sized bed. BOOM: trip starts making a turn in the right direction!

Although we didn’t have our bags, we did pack bathing suits in our carry on (THANK GOODNESS) but we were forced to buy the $50 sunblock! We lathered up and hit up the pool to forget about our lost luggage! Around 4:00pm on our second day we got a phone call, the luggage arrived.  Luckily, we were both so happy to have clothes and shampoo that we overlooked the baggage and started focusing on turning this trip right side up.

To be continued….

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