rise of the aztecs

1How’s everyone’s February going so far? Mine is going…ok. To be completely truthful, there’s just been a lot going on. I’ve not really been busy at home – Big A and I have been keeping things on the DL while he’s been testing (he finished by the way!! EEK!) but work has been very busy, very stressful, and on the whole, not very fun. The good news is that while February is coming to an end, I have two back to back trips coming up. First I’ll be heading back to Dallas to see my best friend and indulge in all that I miss in Texas – aka Raising Canes – then I’ll be flying to Salt Lake City for another trade show for work.

March looks like an easy month coming up and I can see the beginning of some very good things coming to fruition – sounds like a horoscope – but hey if the stars are right then March is looking like a mighty fine month to me.

Happy February!
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December: An Outfit Post

DSCN6743Outfit posting has been hard. (I know right, woe that is me, ha ha.)Β But seriously, actually getting out there and getting it done has been harder than ever! Sure there are like 50 reasons, but today really proved that I’m totally a Spring/Summer outfit poster. Ha ha, so here it is December’s first outfit post and the story behind it.

1. Because this is an outfit post, I can’t wear a coat. So I am freezing in every single photo. FREEZING.

2. I normally take the tripod out to take pictures but it really shouldn’t be in the snow, so I have to get Chris to help, goodie.

3. Chris still brought the pieces to Β the tripod outside because he really likes to play with with the very tall centerpiece. “Hey look babe you’re teeny tiny, it’s like I’m looking down!”DSCN67394. “Can we just go to the fence? I’m freezing”Β DSCN67445. Chris takes so many photos, snap, snap, snap. I come inside, shivering, look through the photos, and find my eyes shut in all but these two (above) photos. What else to do but crop off my head in the rest of the ones in focus?DSCN6746DSCN6747So there you have it, a freezing Tiffany’s body (with no head) rocking the Target Grandpa Open Cardigan! I bought it a few weeks ago and it’s easily become one of my favorite sweaters this holiday season. Sure you probably can’t see it that great, but it’s the best I swear. Jeans are Old Navy’s The Rockstar Ankle Zip, surely I don’t need to express my Old Navy love (again) to you guys? I have no clue where I bought my boots? Old Navy? Ross? Payless? Somewhere cheap because they are NOT warm.

Thus, there maybe very few outfit posts this winter. Aside from this story, I have other excuses for my lack of (and continuous lack of)Β outfit posts, the main reason, (my current excuse for everything in life) work. I am working all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT, (I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like to work, all the time, everyday, it’s just a thing. I’m totally invested in what I’m doing.) But, I’m busy, so I haven’t had much time to post my outfits and share my life updates. For that, I’m sorry, but be sure to expect extra posting later as my apology πŸ˜‰

Until then, xoxo