a city poncho

1Fall in Chicago (currently) is just as beautiful as the summer. The weather is brisk, breezy, warm in the sun, and perfect for boots, sweaters, or my personal fave: ponchos. Specifically, this poncho which I recently bought from H&M. This baby goes hand in hand with this city. I can take it off when I get too warm or wrap it around me when the wind is just right. Not to mention that I find it adorable. It was one of those things I bought and then paraded around in front of Big A demanding that he love it like I do. Ah, my love for ponchos is so real. So where did this lil number get to go to? Well….

Friday night we had an impromptu date night. We had both worked from home all day (in our pajamas) so we decided to go out to dinner. We had already decided on having Indian food, but weren’t sure where to go, there’s a lot choose from here. Anyway, we decided to go over to Chicago’s West Loop and have dinner in a lovely little restaurant called Jaipur where the food was fabulous and the ambiance was date night perfect (dim lighting by chandeliers, ooh la la). So we had some drinks, had some dinner (which included some garlic cheese naan that was TO DIE FOR), and then went to see the bean at night. It wasn’t a super extravagant evening or a planned date, but it was special. Me and him in our city (in my poncho).
2 3 4-1 4 5-1 6 P.S. This is what taking Blog photos with me is really like. Ridiculous and I’m always doing things like this. Also, this is how windy Chicago is. #windycity7

vests and peplum

1I swear we’ve done more in Chicago the last 3 months than we ever did living in Texas. We’ve been to shows, events, movies, restaurants, it’s basically been nonstop for us and we are loving it! We were told to get out and do things now before we hibernate for winter, so we’re taking the advice! (more…)