Toronto 5/6

Aside from the Castle, which will have to have it’s own post (obviously), these two places were my favorite sites in Toronto. The first place, Nathan Phillips Square is the location of the governmental buildings. It also houses this adorable Toronto Sign that reflects into the water. It’s things like this that give a city character and I really enjoyed this space. The second place, is the Distillery District. You will find a lot of information on traveling in Toronto, but (again, aside from the Castle), I highly recommend spending an afternoon in the Distillery District. There are tons of places to shop, pecan butter tarts, art galleries, it’s own brewery, and the district itself is so quaint and full of character. If you are from America, you literally feel as if you’ve been transported back in time.

See the unseen side of Toronto, here, see the bluffs here,Β and the touristy side here, some architecture here, and finally my favorite places below!

Toronto 4/6

Traveling with Big A has brought me an entirely new perception of not only cities, but the stones and groundwork of which of they are made. I distinctly recall a family vacation where we were driving down to Florida. My mom insisted that I get off my phone, put down my book, and look out the window at all the different things we were passing by. I shrugged her off, certain that I would not be interested in looking at a bunch of buildings. Yet, here I am, some 8 years later, not only looking, but observing, and photographing a bunch of buildings. Over several years, I’ve discovered that when people understand how something came to be or why something came to be, they can appreciate it more. Big A brings architectural knowledge to our travel experiences and while it might sound boring, it’s very intriguing. It keeps me interested and brings me to dig deeper into the history of the city.

While in Toronto we looked at many buildings new and old, large and small. Each one had it’s own character. It’s own history. Below I’ve brought you two buildings: 1 very old, and one older with a touch of something new. Also, there’s doughnuts & eclairs! (you’re welcome!)

See the unseen side of Toronto, here, see the bluffs here,Β and the touristy side here. Happy vacation right from your desktop!Β 

Toronto 3/6

1Whenever we travel, we do try to live like the locals do. We try to eat at low key places and stay in local neighborhoods, but truthfully, we do also visit like tourists. We go see all the hot tourist locations and ride double Decker buses to see the city the way the city intended. It is true that both routes of exploration are fantastic, but I can’t say that one is better than the other. After all, we fell in love with Chicago from the top of the John Hancock and walking through a hidden park in Lakeshore East. There is no good way to see a city, but there is a good way to explore. Follow your nose, look up, read everything, and above all, make plans.

See the unseen side of Toronto, here, see the bluffs here, and see the tourist side, right here-below. Happy Travels!

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