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Toronto 5/6

Aside from the Castle, which will have to have it’s own post (obviously), these two places were my favorite sites in Toronto. The first place, Nathan Phillips Square is the location of the governmental buildings. It also houses this adorable Toronto Sign that reflects into the water. It’s things like this that give a city…

Toronto 4/6

Traveling with Big A has brought me an entirely new perception of not only cities, but the stones and groundwork of which of they are made. I distinctly recall a family vacation where we were driving down to Florida. My mom insisted that I get off my phone, put down my book, and look out…

Chicago Open House

Just some snippets from our first experience with CAF’s Chicago Open House, mentioned before, here. Carbide & Carbon Building – 1929 City Hall – 1911 Civic Opera House – 1929 Wintrust Bank -1924 The Rookery – 1888 architectureautumnCAFchicagoopen houseTravelwanderlustWeekend