A Merry Little Christmas

Every year, Big A and I try to have our own little Christmas together. Whether that be a quick dinner, a show, or just exchanging gifts, we try to do something to mark the occasion that is Christmas. It’s been a system of trial and error, but I think we’re finally getting into a groove together. In fact,I think I would have to dub this year’s Christmas together the most special we’ve ever spent.

We started the day early with coffee, cinnamon rolls, and sausage. Christmas music was playing and Christmas movies were on mute in the background. We opened gifts in our pajamas, Big A put on a Santa suit (how cool is that?!). We spent all afternoon playing with our new things, lounging and packing (for our upcoming trip home). After all that, we got dressed up for a long and early dinner. We had drinks and nice a long talk. Then we grabbed some coffees and saw a Christmas Carol.

It was so special and I fell asleep so happy and dreaming dreams of love and merriment.

Just Keep Going

This is the absolute worst time of the year to be healthy.Β 

Everywhere I look it’s cake, cookies, wine, and cheese galore. Even if I wanted to resist (which I don’t) I would have to die trying! Between coworkers, friends, and even my family, there’s so many goodies floating around that I’ve had to find a way to keep on going with my new healthy lifestyle.

I think it’s important to be clear that I am not on a diet. The healthy lifestyle I refer to are the changes that I’ve made in my food behavior and physical wellness this year. I still eat everything that I want, but I eat it in moderation and exercise regularly. If I have a doughnut for breakfast, I don’t also eat dessert that day. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat another helping of dinner even if it means there’s really only a few bites of leftovers. I stop when I don’t feel hungry instead of when I feel full. With these food behaviors, I’ve also tried to maintain my fitness regime. I was up to 5 days a week in November but in December I’ve faltered to 3 days a week, but still I am proud of this. It’s hard to go running when everyone else is eating cinnamon rolls in their Christmas pajamas. I believe that the most important thing at this time is perseverance and I will continue to persevere even in the face of cheese and wine!

Besides, I got these new running shoes for my birthday and they are a god send. Why wouldn’t I go running?
How do you stay healthy this time of year? Anyone have some fun holiday workouts?