bright new summer

Today was amazing. I had a jammed pack day of work that included a project, which I crushed. I had lunch with a new coworker. I went to the library and had a nice walk home. I took a much needed long shower and now dinner is cooking (black bean burgers & sweet potato fries). Oh yeah, I also started a new book.

This week and weekend is the last one Big A and I have before we turn into Airbnb a’la ClineBurns. So what are the plans: chill by the pool, eat all food, and read. We’re doing it big, I know.

Happy Hump Day Folks! It’s almost the weekend! TOP : FOREVER 21+ // PUMPS : NINE WEST // JEANS : AE

black chic

Well hello there…

So guess what…? I got a new job! I finally made a big move and I have to say I’m one happy lady! I’m only three days into this new adventure and life is just the best. I can sleep in if I want, wake up early and go to the gym, read a book over breakfast on my couch, and to top it all off, I get home at a reasonable hour and in time to actually do things in the evenings! I feel like I’m living in a life of luxury. Oh happy day!!

So what does that mean exactly? It means I get more sleep. Better gym time. More complex recipes to cook. More blogging time. More reading time. More time with my man. More happy time.

This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. I can finally start to enjoy this beautiful city the way I always wanted. YAY!
Top: Old Navy // Jeans: AE // Flats: Dr. Scholls

Aaron Burr, Sir

Yeah so these pictures are just a few weeks old…

They are before our trip to New Orleans (pics coming soon). they are before I cut 4 inches off my hair. Before I lost 15 pounds (EEKKK!!!) But ya know… blogging is tough when you’re busy. I wish I could dedicate more time to it but it’s not all just posting… Taking and editing pictures, writing something worth reading, and organizing it in a pretty way takes a while.

Anyway, this is my awesome Hamilton shirt that Big A and I got (yes we got matching ones because #besties) when we went to see the show for the first time on his birthday. The show is basically phenomenal as I’m sure anyone who has seen it will tell you. Lucky for us, we’re going to see it again (twice!) in August with both of our families. Yay!