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A Merry Little Christmas

Every year, Big A and I try to have our own little Christmas together. Whether that be a quick dinner, a show, or just exchanging gifts, we try to do something to mark the occasion that is Christmas. It’s been a system of trial and error, but I think we’re finally getting into a groove…

Just Keep Going

This is the absolute worst time of the year to be healthy.Β  Everywhere I look it’s cake, cookies, wine, and cheese galore. Even if I wanted to resist (which I don’t) I would have to die trying! Between coworkers, friends, and even my family, there’s so many goodies floating around that I’ve had to find…

A Holly Jolly Christmas

β€œChristmas works like glue, it keeps us all sticking together.” ― Rosie Thomas, Iris & Ruby Scenes from my family Christmas in Oklahoma. A tradition that changes all the time and forever stays the same. christmasholidayOklahomasantascenestraditionTravelWeekendxmas