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bright new summer

Today was amazing. I had a jammed pack day of work that included a project, which I crushed. I had lunch with a new coworker. I went to the library and had a nice walk home. I took a much needed long shower and now dinner is cooking (black bean burgers & sweet potato fries). Oh yeah, I also started a new book.

This week and weekend is the last one Big A and I have before we turn into Airbnb a’la ClineBurns. So what are the plans: chill by the pool, eat all food, and read. We’re doing it big, I know.

Happy Hump Day Folks! It’s almost the weekend! TOP : FOREVER 21+ // PUMPS : NINE WEST // JEANS : AE

New Orleans 3/3

So it only took three months, but here is the final post on our trip to New Orleans (#cajunapril). As I’ve said before here and here, New Orleans is such a unique and untapped part of the world. In this post, I’ve combined the two strangest, but most intriguing parts of our trip: Mardi Gras World and Cemetery visit.

Mardi Gras world proved to be an incredible experience! For any traveler’s reading this here’s a good tip: they offer a shuttle service to pick you up and drop you off essentially anywhere in New Orleans AND try the King Cake they offer you on the tour. It’s amazing! Mardi Gras world is where all the floats and Mardi Gras magic happen. You watch an informational history video, have a slice of king cake, and then tour the factory where these magic floats are created. Mardi Gras world is a company and they also create super awesome stuff like the Chick-fil-a cows! This was a must see tour for any new time visitors.

Next up, the cemetery. Big A reminds me on a regular basis, that cemeteries were originally designed to be parks. To walk along and visit those that you once loved while spending time in solitude. Walking among these graves was an interesting experience. Seeing tombs in general was interesting, but seeing tombs from the 1800s was eerie. A happy and sad place all at once.

New Orleans was a great city. Now on to other adventures!