Snow Prints

One of the things I struggle with the most during the winter is dressing properly for the weather inside and the weather outside. While I think it’s enough to say that I should dress warm, I struggle with layering appropriately. For example, I don’t want to have too much clothing on because then my office will be hot but I also want to make sure I wear enough because my walk to work can be quite frigid. I will say that last year, I was terribly, terribly bad at this. I always wore too much or not enough and it was exhausting. But I’m proud to say, this year I’m off to a much better start and I want to share what I’ve learned with you! No matter what you’re commute, see my tips below on keeping a mild temperature when it’s cold outside!

1. Save your chunky sweaters for the REAL cold weather. I think one of the biggest mistakes we all make as soon as the temp goes down is to pull out our warmest coziest sweaters – DON’T DO THIS. As your body gets acclimated to the weather and the temperatures continue to decline, then pull them out. This will actually allow you to be more comfortable in colder climates.

2. You need 3 coats. Everyone should have 3 coats. The first one is for fall, it’s really just a heavy jacket designed for temps of 55-65. The second one is for the beginning of winter. This should be for temps in the 35-55 range and should have some windbreaker technology. The third one should be a true winter coat. This coat should be made to keep you warm in anything below 35 degrees and keep you comfortable in wind and snow.

3. Follow the 3 coat rule. This means stick to your coat designated for that temperature! If it’s 37 degrees out, don’t you dare grab that below 35 coat. Instead, layer up. Wear a thicker sweater if you’re worried or a scarf, hat, or gloves. You’ll thank me later when you’re coat isn’t slowly smothering you in heat. Winter coats are for 35 below.

4. Hats are your best friend. I know your hair is pretty but did you know that 40-45% of body heat is lost through your head? If you start feeling chilly, put a cap on, it’ll warm you right up.

5. Start small when cooling off. If you walk to work like me, you get about 3-4 blocks and you start to regret all your warm choices. You feel like you should take your coat off and just walk to work in your shirt. Don’t do this. It might surprise you, but this will actually make you hotter. Your body will attempt to compensate for the outside temperature and will continue forcing your internal temps to rise. Instead, slowly cool yourself down. I usually unzip my coat and waft in some cold air. If I’m wearing a hat, I take it off. It’s all about the baby steps.

6. Always be prepared. If you live in the Midwest, you know that the weather can change at the drop of a hat so you should always be ready. If you’re a car commuter, consider keeping some extra warm things in the trunk. If you’re a walking commuter, keep some gloves and hat in your commuter bag. If you don’t have room be sure to keep some in your desk!

I hope that my new found knowledge is helpful to you! ‘Tis the season! Jeans: American Eagle (here) //Β  Sweater: Forever 21 Men (similar here) // Boots: Old Navy (similar here)

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  1. Kimberly Burns

    Very very insightful! And I’m so proud of you for making this work! What a big change for down here in Oklahoma and Texas!

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