Plaid Out

Let’s talk winter apparel. Can we all agree that winter clothes are the best clothes? Who wants to rock a bathing suit when they can cozy up in a cardigan? I am both looking forward to and dreading sharing all my favorite winter looks with you! Why? Well, because to do so, I’ll be photographing myself in 20 degree weather without a coat, but if you guys promise to read then I suppose…you’re the real MVP.

This is a new outfit but quickly on its way to being a wintertime staple in my closet. I just got this top from Old Navy – which you guys have to go check out their new plaid collection – it’s lit. It’s so cozy and I actually have a few new outfit ideas in mind for it. In this particular case, Big A and I were headed out to our favorite bar from some beers and Da Bears Game and I wanted to be warm and comfortable. I threw up my top knot and put on this lumberjack plaid, a thick infinity scarf, and these great new combat boots! This is actually Big A’s scarf by the way (does anyone else steal their man’s clothes, I do this daily). It was the perfect date day outfit for wings, beers, and bears.

Side Note: I can’t believe I actually wore my hair in a bun. Actually, I can’t believe I wore my hair in a bun in pictures. I never wear my hair up. You guys are witnessing a Christmas/Thanksgiving miracle.

Speaking of Christmas/Thanksgiving- I can’t believe the holiday season is already upon us! As someone that works in buying/sales, I spend an awful lot of time and energy talking about Q4 and I can’t believe it’s finally here. It snuck up on me! But frankly, I am so happy and excited. This is my most favorite time of the year and I believe there are some special things in store this holiday season.  In fact, I have so much exciting content to share with you guys and I’ll start unveiling some of it next week! EEK! Happy (almost) Holidays! Top: Old Navy (here) // Jeans: American Eagle (here) // Scarf: Old Navy ( similar here) // Boots: Target (similar here)


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