Best Dual Purpose Bag for Photographers

Full disclosure – I am not in any sense of the term a professional photographer – but I wanted to share with you what I believe to be the best dual purpose bag for photographers both professional and intermediate. Now I’ve been on the hunt for some months trying to come up with a solution for always wanting to carry my DSLR camera and needing to carry a purse. For months, I’ve just used a big purse because camera bags are just yuck, but truthfully, it just doesn’t protect the camera the way I want it to. I find that the camera is just rolling all over the purse and there’s no organization for any of it. Enter the Lo & Sons Claremont Camera Bag.

This bag was life changing. It was a birthday gift this year and I used it all weekend long at the aquarium, at the zoo, and even just out and about for the day. It’s the perfect mix of a camera bag and a purse being both discreet and protective. The leather case is classic and goes with practically any outfit. It holds everything I need and has a removable divider to protect and organize my camera equipment. Finally, I can take my camera wherever I go and feel comfortable and chic. I cannot wait to take this baby home with me for the holidays!

Bag: Lo & Sons – Claremont (here) // Jeans: American Eagle (here) // Rings: Forever 21 (Here) // Plaid Flannel: Uniqlo (here) // Shoes: Macy’s (similar, here) // Vest: Old Navy (similar, here)

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