Balancing Dinosaurs

I sat down at the beginning of October and I made a plan. I decided that in order to really contribute to my blog the way I wanted to that I had to really dedicate specific times of the day to taking and editing pictures, writing content, and really just going the extra mile. Now, I can tell you that so far this plan has really paid off, it’s kept me in check and kept my blog at a steady growth…but I’m also just really tired. I’ve been a little busy and I’ve been rearranging my to-do list almost every day, but hey, it’s ok. Life is all about balance, right?

To be honest, despite really wanting to blog, because I do love it, I also want to watch the Bears game with Big A. I also want to read (finish) my book, Little Fires Everywhere. I also want to watch This is Us (P.S. Any watchers on here? We love that show!) I also want to make it to the gym. I also want to go out on the weekend have a random date at Nosh & Booze. So I did those things instead of blog. I balanced.

Now, since we’re talking about balance… Let’s talk about balancing the style of a dress with dinosaurs on it. Now many of you know that I love dinosaurs and because of this, I bought a dress adorned with tiny dinosaurs. My first impression of this dress was that it was extremely comfortable. It comes in so many patterns (including a dope shark one) that I may buy another! It’s the perfect length for all my ladies with junk in the trunk and additionally, it’s just flattering all around. I think the bust is a little big on me but that tends to happen when I order up a size for the bottom half of myself. At first, I tried to go crazy and pair this with a yellow sweater or a red one, but then I thought I would try something simple. I thought I would add some fall elements: denim jacket and brown boots/belt. I won’t lie, I was extremely pleased with the result! I think this even works without the denim jacket (keep scrolling).

So how do you balance things out? Whether we’re talking personal life, diet, outfits, I want to know. How do you keep your balance in the world? Dress: Modcloth // Belt: Gap (here) (seen before here ) // Booties: Dr. Scholls (here) (seen before here )


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  1. 2classysisters

    First of all, we never thought a dinosaur dress could be so cute! Love how you styled it! Second of all, we absolutely love This is Us! Third of all, balancing a blog and life can be pretty difficult! We definitely struggle at time!
    -Michelle & Rachel

    • tiffanymarie

      Thank you! I definitely think I’ll have to mix it up! It’s so great to hear that blog life isn’t just smooth sailing for everyone! I certainly feel like it could be a full time gig. Also, I always give props to ladies who love This is Us! Thanks Girls! 🙂

  2. Kimberly Burns

    Very flattering!!! Love this style on you! Balance is hard no matter where you are in life, no matter what your age or occupation is as well, I think you are doing a great job! And I tried ‘This is Us’ let’s just say as your mom and someone that has an old soul and lived a longer life than her years, it was too much like looking in a prism from the past but it is a well done and very poignant tv show that I am very glad is doing well

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