Ready Set Sweat

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I promised myself to create better habits and be a better me. Now it’s almost October, I’m 24 lbs down and on a regular 6 day/week gym schedule.

So how did I do it? Well it all started back in January with a Fitness Challenge offered by Self Magazine. They created a calendar, complete with videos, for the entire month of January. Some of the videos were short, only 8-15 minutes and some people might have even said they were easy. Well, I wasn’t one of those people. I pretty much told myself that if I could just make myself go to the gym for those 8-15 minutes, then later down the road, the time would get longer.

And it did. It got much longer. Now on weeknights, I spend about 45-60 minutes in the gym and on weekends I go the extra mile, sometimes going for a long run after my routine. I’m convinced that my good habits were started and cultivated by making that one simple commitment back in January. It wasn’t just that they made this calendar and had videos; they also offered a community of people who were right where I was, struggling. I got an email from Self every day that reminded me what workout I had to do and it always came with a motivational pep talk. I know that fitness is different for everyone, but this was what I needed to make the change in my life.

I want to offer that to you too.

Starting October 1st, Self is kicking off a new challenge: Ready, Set, Sweat. Just like the challenge I joined in January, this challenge comes complete with a workout calendar, videos to get you started, motivational emails, a community of people committing with you, and this time they’re throwing in 40 recipes for eating healthy! You can sign up for the challenge by clicking here, and you can also follow along with me on Instagram @tiff.burns

So are you ready to sweat? Come join #TeamSELF !

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