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In a previous post this month, I talked some on mixing patterns and I challenged you to Be Bold with me this fall. Well in that post, I wore my favorite striped top with a tribal print scarf. Admittedly, I’ve worn this outfit time and time again and for me, it wasn’t really out of my comfort zone. So this week, in order to stick to my own mantra, I took my own advice and I went there. I went way out of my comfort zone.

Hold your breath….I wore plaid with stripes.

Why would I do that? Well, I got really inspired by a mail in from Uniqlo (see below), which is one of the places I gain most of my outfit inspiration! Sometimes I see models or magazines sporting things I never think I could pair up and this was one of those occasions. As I walked out the door, I certainly felt comfortable. I felt good. If I’m being honest, I did really like my outfit. Then, I saw the pictures and I LOVED IT. This is one of those outfits where photography is crucial (Clueless moment anyone?).

Without a doubt, this is an outfit I would repeat again and again! Now I know most you working gals have a real dress code and can’t be this casual. Perhaps this makes a great weekend outfit for you. You could also pair a plaid button up with your favorite striped dress or even black pants and booties.

How are you being bold this fall? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. I’m rocking these super comfy Dr. Scholl’s Shoes again – you have to get some, buy them here!

Tank: H&M (similar, here) // Plaid Flannel: Uniqlo (here) // Jeans: American Eagle (here) // Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s (here)


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