The Big Summer Finale

I realized over the weekend that while fall is fast approaching, the leaves are turning, and (except for Saturday) the temperature has been dropping, that I never really recapped the summer. Truth be told, somewhere in August, the weather just decided that it was time to change Seasons. It wasn’t gradual. One day we just woke up and it was too cool to be at the pool. Even Labor Day was too brisk to lounge out in the sun and cuddle up with a good book in the last final rays of sunshine. So sadly, there was no big Summer Finale, but that didn’t make the summer any less beautiful.

Summer in Chicago begins in June. As soon as it was warm enough, Big A and I could be found at the pool every weekend. We would have a big breakfast and then be lounging, facing the bright morning sun with our books by 10AM. Around noon, one of us would come up and make snacks of veggies with dips and return to the heat of the rays. By 6, we would be exhausted, sun burnt, and ready to call it quits. We’d shower and wash all the sunscreen and chlorine away. Then make Bloody Mary’s or Margaritas before packing up the grilling stuff, and heading downstairs to make dinner in the shade. Sometimes, we’d even eat on the balcony or have popsicles as the sun went down.

Sure, we did other things this summer. We saw shows, went to festivals, etc. But nothing was quite as special as relaxing in the sun together before sharing a grilled meal and a popsicle in the summer heat.

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