Now that it’s officially September, I feel like its Fall. Particularly in Chicago, the weather is cool, the mornings are brisk, and it’s time for sweaters and booties. Because of this, I was so eager to kick off this weekend with one of my favorite Fall activities: Oktoberfest! So Saturday afternoon, Big A and I walked down to the L train and rode it all the way to Ravenswood to attend the biggest Oktoberfest in Chicago. This particular Oktoberfest is hosted by the German American Society and is complete with all the festival fun of food, beers, and even a parade!

Now, I won’t lie… We did miss most of the parade, but the parts we did get to see were very festive. There was so much heritage there in that one little square. German or not, it felt great to be surrounded by it. The atmosphere was so friendly and felt like one big family reunion. As far as the eye could see were food tents, big beers, and small groups of people talking and laughing. No rides, no shows, just the smell of brats.

All in all, we had about 3 beers each + our commemorative cups. Big A had the bratwurst dinner and I had a pretzel and a slice of Bee Sting Cake. That cake. OMG. I can’t even describe it to you. Custard, slivered almonds, so delicious! Most of our time was just spent standing and having those beers while talking. It was special and I enjoyed every second of it.

Until next year, Oktoberfest!

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