Be Bold

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all heading into the weekend feeling so relieved to sleep in, eat brunch, and do all the things you wish you could do instead of sitting at your desk all week! I know I’m certainly ready to dive hard into the weekend! Plans include: sleeping in, Oktoberfest in Ravenswood, and some Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls (shh! Don’t tell Big A)

Since we’re heading into September and Fall is fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about a new fashion series on what to wear that isn’t a denim shirt, a blanket scarf, and your favorite booties (though – I will be wearing that some point this fall!) So to start off – here’s what I’ve got – BE BOLD.

What do I mean? Well simply that. There’s this idea that if you wear something with stripes or something that’s plaid or something that’s loud that you can’t wear anything else with it but I’m here to debunk that myth for you and speak my truth! I say, the more the merrier.

Here, I’m wearing my fave tribal print scarf and a striped shirt, but I love to mix all kinds of prints and textures (see similar posts here, here, and here). Mixing prints is all about being BOLD. So go ahead girl, put that plaid on plaid. Wear that cheetah print with tribal. Do what you think is beautiful! I personally, love to mix stripes with loud prints. I have a few fan favorites like my floral scarf and this tribal one, but this fall I plan to get extra bold and show off a blanket scarf with a plaid top!

So as the weather gets cooler and you start digging out those scarves and long sleeve tops, join me and let’s get BOLD this Fall!


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