Zoot Suit

So this little number is actually what I wore on my first day at my new job! The truth is, when it comes to office apparel, I pretty much have nothing. Sure I’ve got a couple of blazers and a button up or two, but I own 0 pairs of real pants or whatever “loafers” are. Now as most of you know, my new job doesn’t have a dress code, but that doesn’t mean that on my first day I paraded in there in swim trunks and Gilligan hat. No, no. I went in there with dignity and tried my best to dress like a professional, so let me break down for you what that means to me.

  1. Comfortable. I’m not wearing something that I don’t feel confident and collected in. This means stretchy pants and not real slacks. But honestly, do they even sell real slacks anymore? (Even if they do, you shouldn’t buy them). I got these bad boys at Lane Bryant, here, and even though they are on the cusp of being way, way too big, I still love them.
  2. Trendy. I’m not pulling out a blazer with shoulder pads or borrowing something from anyone. I’m wearing something I own that I know people are into. I love, love these tops from Uniqlo, here, they are casual with jeans but business appropriate with pants or a skirt. They also look pretty nice down at the pool over my bathing suit. They’re so versatile and I encourage you to get one (or four.)
  3. Unique. Don’t go for black on black, no matter how classic it may be. You’ll meet so many people on your first day that you’ll want them to remember you. So fix your hair, add at least one color (even if it’s gray) and then add something that’s totally you, thus the Cheetah flats. I know I could’ve gone for classic black but I didn’t because I can’t. Also, these flats are extremely comfortable because they are….drum roll… Dr. Scholls, here. (I know, I have a problem Doctor).

So there you go, just 3 easy things to remember when getting dressed for an interview, first day, or any other blasted situation that even suggests you wear real pants. From me to you, you don’t have to.

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