when things aren’t black or white

Let’s talk.

Lately, I’ve been feeling differently about the way I blog and what I blog about. Honestly, I’m thinking about ending my fashion posts.

The truth is really this, I’m just not like everyone else. I’m not subscribed to like to know it. I don’t shop constantly or even frequently. In fact, most of the time, I’m just showing you something that I believed to be creative and fresh, while also realistic. I wanted to show what real people wear every day when they aren’t being sponsored by Nordstrom or paying a fortune for a single top or pair of shoes. I show what I believe is fun and comfortable. But lately, I’ve been feeling like this isn’t enough.

I haven’t officially decided because it won’t be an easy decision to make. It’s not black or white. It’s a gray area and I’m not quite sure how I feel or what I should do.

For now, here’s a new post on an outfit I threw together to wear with my new adorable shoes from….Dr. Scholl’s! Ha! Yes they really are so cozy – if you haven’t already gotten on the Dr. Scholl shoe train then I highly recommend it. Otherwise, you’ll never be as comfortable as me.



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  1. Sofia Mercedes

    Please don’t stoppp! I honestly know what you mean tho. I understand EVERY single thing you said. Which is also why I think you should keep going. Because you’re not like everyone else. And you’re not doing it for the money, the likes or the followers. You’re doing it for you and those people who admire you and your blog for being you. I definitely have those moments of why I’m doing this half the time. But hey, doing it for yourself and getting to see the awesome product photography and styling you do is awesome and makes you feel proud of yourself. 🙂

  2. Kimberly Burns

    There is nothing wrong with being original, and in the day and times we live in being frugal and fashionable.
    You are a beautiful, young and frugal woman living in a city where it is expensive to live, you want to be able to do things on your day off, experience the same said city, and look good. I think you combine all of this very well and inspire people out there to do the same. I seem to remember a conversation the other day when you assured me everyone uses coupons 🙂

    You do what is best for you but I don’t think you are giving yourself enough credit.
    As your Mom you know I support you. And I love you very much ❤

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