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Well hello there…

So guess what…? I got a new job! I finally made a big move and I have to say I’m one happy lady! I’m only three days into this new adventure and life is just the best. I can sleep in if I want, wake up early and go to the gym, read a book over breakfast on my couch, and to top it all off, I get home at a reasonable hour and in time to actually do things in the evenings! I feel like I’m living in a life of luxury. Oh happy day!!

So what does that mean exactly? It means I get more sleep. Better gym time. More complex recipes to cook. More blogging time. More reading time. More time with my man. More happy time.

This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. I can finally start to enjoy this beautiful city the way I always wanted. YAY!
Top: Old Navy // Jeans: AE // Flats: Dr. Scholls

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  1. Kimberly Burns

    We are so so happy for you!! You look amazing! Happy!! and full of Joy!! Cant wait to see you next month! ❀

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