Toronto 4/6

Traveling with Big A has brought me an entirely new perception of not only cities, but the stones and groundwork of which of they are made. I distinctly recall a family vacation where we were driving down to Florida. My mom insisted that I get off my phone, put down my book, and look out the window at all the different things we were passing by. I shrugged her off, certain that I would not be interested in looking at a bunch of buildings. Yet, here I am, some 8 years later, not only looking, but observing, and photographing a bunch of buildings. Over several years, I’ve discovered that when people understand how something came to be or why something came to be, they can appreciate it more. Big A brings architectural knowledge to our travel experiences and while it might sound boring, it’s very intriguing. It keeps me interested and brings me to dig deeper into the history of the city.

While in Toronto we looked at many buildings new and old, large and small. Each one had it’s own character. It’s own history. Below I’ve brought you two buildings: 1 very old, and one older with a touch of something new. Also, there’s doughnuts & eclairs! (you’re welcome!)

See the unseen side of Toronto, here, see the bluffs here,Β and the touristy side here. Happy vacation right from your desktop!Β 


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