a walk in the park

1A weekend or so ago, my parents came to town and Big A and I took my mom to Lincoln Park for the day. We visited the farmer’s market (last day of the season!), walked through the park, and saw parts of the zoo! It was quite a fun and amusing adventure. We even found this fabulous little flower shop! It’s strange, but it seems that no matter how much time we wander or how far we go, Chicago remains a vast area of unexplored territory. I’ve never been somewhere so big and deep in all my life! Sometimes I feel like a modern day Lewis and Clark, out to see the world and discover all that is new!

Now, next up on the Adventures of Lewis and Clark: Christmas tree lighting in Millennium Park, Lights Festival down Michigan Avenue, Thanksgiving cooked by yours truly, Thanksgiving day parade down State Street, Black Friday on Michigan Avenue, STOMP!, work Christmas party, and A Christmas Carol. All of which occurs before we fly home to celebrate Christmas with our families. Put on your Santa hat and grab your walking stick folks! It’s about to get joyful and triumphant!

P.S. Still working on all the pics from Toronto, no worries, they are on the way!2 3 4 5 6Oh my love, how I adore you.


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  1. Mickie

    What a wonderful and fun adventure for all of you. I know you will love STOMP along with all the holiday and Christmas adventures. Love you!

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