I love you, pumpkin

22 Every fall (and Christmas too!), I always make a list of all the things I want to do. Make Wassail, paint pumpkins, visit a pumpkin patch, get our Halloween costumes, and watch Halloween movies. This year, I even added a few new traditions like painting skulls for day of the dead, eating apple cider donuts, and finally getting coffees and coats and walking out onto Navy Pier on a brisk fall morning. So to kick off the month of October, fall, and my birthday month, Big A and I took a Zipcar out to Homer Glen, IL to see a pumpkin farm.

We weren’t sure what we would find there, but an hour southwest of the city, we found a little piece of the Midwest atΒ Bensington’s Pumpkin Farm. They had mountains of pumpkins, baby animals, apple cider donuts, a corn pit, pig races, a pumpkin chucker, hayrides, and kettle corn. We spent a beautiful October day in sweaters and boots parading around like we were a little further south. We ate all the donuts before we left, but we took with us a bag of kettle corn, 10 tiny pumpkins, a white pumpkin, and a good time.

When we returned to the city, we shook the hay from our socks, nestled our pumpkins around our living room, and sat back together realizing that we live in the best of both worlds: a city life with a country heart.
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