old school prep

1I have to say, in comparison to the days of garage doors, Chicago provides a gorgeous back drop for a fashion post. That is, at least, while the sun lasts. Did you know we only get 7 hours of daylight in the winter. WOAH. See you guys next year when I’m popping Vitamin D pills and look like a real life Snow White.

So this post (aside from the bag) is full of old things. A three year old sweater, a necklace my mom gave me in high school, shoes from an old life. Lately I’ve been trying to be more experimental with clothing that I own and I must say, I love the way this worked out. I felt so comfortable and confident – who knew I could layer like a boss!

Now let’s talk about this bag: so basically when I moved to Chicago and got rid of my car and began my life as a walking commuter, I needed a bag. This couldn’t just be any bag. It needed to hold my lunch, a second pair of shoes, a rain coat, an umbrella, my laptop, a book for the train, etc. It also needed to be water proof, light weight, and versatile. This bag is all of those things. I could rave about it for hours. I know it was expensive but I am so IN LOVE. Go check it out for yourself, here and be sure to watch the video.
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