around the world: brick by brick

20160716_211158A few weeks ago, Big A and I had the privilege of attending a special Adult Night at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Armed with drinks, we toured the place in the dark and had our very own night at the museum. We got stuck in a tornado, witnessed the effects of a tsunami, and felt the force of wind power. It’s amazing how much you can enjoy exhibits when you can see and touch them with adults that say “excuse me” and “it’s your turn now”.Β 

Aside from seeing the typical museum exhibits, we were allowed to view a special exhibit sponsored by LEGO: Brick by Brick. Brick by Brick is an exhibit of structures from around the world built in LEGOs. From Rome to Egypt and from sea to shining sea, LEGO made the world in a whole new medium. Along with seeing these incredible works of art, we built our own structures, tested walking on a high beam above a city, and so much more. The pictures don’t do it justice and they aren’t the best quality, but because I couldn’t get my passport stamped, I wanted to leave this here. A memory of me and Big A seeing the world in one night.Β 20160716_21135920160716_21133520160716_21144220160716_21231520160716_21311620160716_21250020160716_21285620160716_21291620160716_21312920160716_21301420160716_21333120160716_21321720160716_21353920160716_21364420160716_20543020160716_20541720160716_20560120160716_20560620160716_20553020160716_20474320160716_204803


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