Save Ferris

On Tuesday night, Big A and I went to Millennium Park for a movie date to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We went early, grabbed dinner at Mariano’s (a grocery store), got seats up close, and ate dinner in our laps. As the show starting time approached, I looked around to see a crowd full to the brim. People over flowing on every possible place to sit, eating dinner, sharing wine, friends, family, parents, children, all of the faces of Chicago. Just after the film begins and Ferris fakes his illness, the camera pans to the city of Chicago showing scenes of the Sears tower, Fort Dearborn, the John Hancock, and the sidewalks full of people. As the scenes played, the crowd before and behind me rose up in cheer, clapping and shouting. They were proud to see their city and so was I. Before I knew it, Big A and I were in on the action shouting and even dancing during the parade scene.

It was only about 20 minutes total, the shouting and pride throughout the film. It was a brief moment really, but a strong one. It occurred to me while sitting in the crowd of Chicagoans that I was home. I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. Each and every passing day, I feel so drawn to this city. The buses feel cozier, the walks seem more peaceful, the high-rises feel closer, and I feel like I belong here.

I love Chicago and I am so glad that I live here. (below are scenes from our weekend travels throughout our city)1 2 3 4567 89

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