taro boba tea

Do you remember earlier this year when I talked about having free time? About having long mornings and peaceful weekends spent at home? Well in hindsight of that time, I’m so happy I did that. I’m so happy that I took advantage of those long showers, cinnamon rolls, and Friends marathons because it’s so important to find happiness in the stillness. It’s crucial, at least for me, to getting through times like now. Times that everything is just going and going like it just can’t stop. We’re busy because something is coming. What’s coming is good, but it’s something BIG and in preparation, we’ve had no down time to just be together. Every single weekend has been spent preparing for BIG.

So the last two weeks we took a step back. We said, preparing for BIG is important, but so is our time together. So we got some boba tea, saw a movie, went out for some breakfast, saw a play, and went on a stroll through the Dallas Arboretum to see the tulips.
It’s important to be prepared but it’s just as important to find peace. Peace in chaos at the bottom of a boba tea.

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