the one without winter

Welcome to March in Texas! The great state that is cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and my allergies constantly freaking out. Oh Texas…how I love you. I apologize for the lack of outfitting I’ve been showing off, but the truth is I haven’t been dressing up much. Date nights have been low key (i.e. take out and my poncho) and the weather has me in my layers being grumpy that we never saw winter. It makes me cringe that I didn’t see any snow or get to pull out my big warm coat. Winter is my favorite season and I guess this year, I’ll just have to miss it.
But enough about how much I love that Spring is already here… I’m happy that March is here and lucky for me, it’s bringing a few special things! We have tickets to see The Little Mermaid, a trip to the Tulip Farm in Pilot, Texas, a secret trip, and at the end of the month my parents are popping in for a visit! So much fun to look forward to!
P.S. Like the new flats? Old Navy. Getcha some!

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