after 13.1 miles

Remember that one time I ran a half marathon? Well I do. You see, after the half, I took a nice long break from working out. I took a break to relax, gain back my strength, and eat everything I wanted. Then at the beginning of February, I picked back up where I left off (sort of). The truth is that the half marathon really ruined running for me. To be frank, I hate running now. I probably won’t ever do/use distance running for fitness ever again. At the very least, I learned what my body is capable of and that if ever being chased, I can run 13.1 miles to get away. So what I am up to now? What am I doing in the gym? How am I staying fit and happy? 
It’s simple, I’ve been exercising. I’ve been trying new techniques and lifting weights. I know it’s not running, but honestly I love it so much more. Each day, I feel my muscles getting stronger and pushing myself pound by pound has been exhilarating. It’s been the same emotion I felt long ago when I’d reach a new mileage while running. The only difference now is that I’m not doing the same thing day in and day out. Each day is a new and different challenge. I don’t dread going to work out anymore and I don’t feel pressured to strap on my gear. These days I’m feeling excited, challenged, and happy about being healthier. 
One of my favorite workouts is this bad boy: the 5 minute HIIT. I do this 3 times and then hit up some cardio – biking, elliptical, running, etc. You pick your poison.  
Next, the dumbbell thruster. This is a total body workout. I do this on arm days so that my legs keep getting those squats in!
Finally, for all that is good: this one. 5 moves for a better butt. I do these on a no lift day with stairs and cardio after!
What do you do to stay happy and healthy?

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