Be Mine

Valentine’s Day Weekend. February 14th. The Day of Love.

You know, I really hate when people say they hate Valentine’s Day. When people get hung up that they’re single or couples get high and mighty claiming that they “don’t celebrate it” because one should show affection every day. I understand that and I agree, couples (and friends) should show affection every day, but at the same time…Valentine’s Day is a day about love. It’s a celebratory day to ask someone you love to Be Mine. To say, I love you. To smother them in excess with frills of red & white, dipped in chocolate, and covered in absolute affection. It comes one day a year and truthfully it’s just another reason to dote upon each other and I absolutely love it.
This year was nothing shy of that for me. The weekend started when I came home to a clean apartment, covered in red and white balloons, blooming tulips, the biggest box of chocolate EVER, and for the very first time in my life, gifts. The gifts were unexpected and certainly not necessary, but clearly Big A had been stockpiling things to shower me with. Not jewelry or purses, but things we could share and things only I would love. I felt a little sheepish because I had only gotten him a mug, but he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Each and every gift I opened was so special and sentimental, it was as if I had gone shopping for myself because that’s how well he knows me.
We have date night every Friday. We go somewhere new and try all the things and drink (a little). We recap our week and tell stories. On Saturdays we lay around, munch on food, binge watch Netflix, cuddle. On Sunday we adult and go to the grocery store and do all the laundry. It sounds routine to you (and maybe boring) but for us it’s peaceful. It’s home. It’s warm. We spend every minute of the weekend like we’ll never see each other again and Valentine’s Day brought an extra element to the picture. It meant balloons all weekend, cards that confess the love I just typed about for three paragraphs, strawberry shortcakes after dinner, and even a movie date.
Just because we celebrate Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we take each other for granted or that we only romance each other once a year. It just means that on February 14th I could roll over in my new dinosaur slippers, hit Big A on the head with a balloon, and ask him, “Will you be my Valentine?”

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