New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve, Big A and I elected to do something a little more romantic and personal than usual. Rather than going out and having a big hoorah…we had a little party right at home. We cooked a bunch of food, blew up some balloons, played games, and even had our own little photo booth.
It was as romantic as I hoped it would be and we rang in the New Year with too much champagne and the sweetest New Year’s kiss I’ve ever had. Our resolutions?
Make Healthier Choices – Big A is electing to quit eating meat and I’m attempting to do the same. In fact, we started off the year with Black Bean Burgers and Sweet Potato fries.
Read More – My goal is to hit 100 books!
There’s no one I’d rather ring in the New Year with than him. 2016 is going to be so full of love, adventure, and happiness. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things that are going to go down.
Happy 2016!

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