Pizza, Presents, and Mistletoe

All the memories.

Every year, since I was a very little girl, we have gone to my Aunt Mickie’s to celebrate Christmas. We get out the china, order too much pizza, have these beautiful cookies that no one likes, and open gifts as a family. It is my favorite part of the holiday season and a tradition I cherish very closely.

Through our many years of changes as a family – moves, jobs, weddings, deaths, kids – we have always made the effort to get together for this Christmas.ย I feel so blessed to have the whole family together and this year we also had my DAD and Big A to celebrate with!

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!

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  1. Ronnie Burns

    It was wonderful!!! I cherish all the times we have all of us together, life moves at a fast pace and it is difficult to get everyone on the same page, but we manage and have a great time!! Thank you and Big A, you are wonderful photographers!! Me and Mickie didn't do bad on the 2 pictures we took either lol๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽ„โค๏ธ

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