there and back again

Let’s have a recap.
I’ve been gone on a very long and wonderful holiday since November 24th and in something just shy of two weeks, I’ll be going on another. I’m going home for 10 days this Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. 10 days of cold weather, family, hot chocolate, wrapping paper, and joy. ‘tis the season.
So where have I been?
For one day – I drove. I drove from Texas to Oklahoma.
For three days – I was in Oklahoma having Thanksgiving with Big A’s family.
For two days – I drove again. I drove from Oklahoma to Texas. Then from Dallas to Galveston.
For five days – I cruised. I cruised to Mexico and back.
For one day – I drove again. Back from Galveston to Dallas.
For one day – I rested. Big A and I ran all the errands that are to be done after a long holiday. We also wrapped gifts and went on a date night. 
The holidays are my favorite time of year and I can’t tell you happy and thankful I am to be right where I am. Stay tuned for more on my cruise and my upcoming plans for the New Year.

Jeans & Top: H&M // Scarf: Made by Mom // Booties: Target

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