she and him

This week has just been….awful. I mean the kind of awful that makes you want to quit your job and move to Japan and change your name. But you know…it’s already Wedensday so I’m pretty close to the weekend. I’ll hang in there.

I’ve had very little free time this week so I’ve barely had any time to edit my pictures from Austin. I did have some time today to put together a little his and her outfit post.

On Saturday (in Austin) we got dressed up and had a little dinner date to Little Barrel and Brown (highly recommend) afterwards we strolled to the candy shop and got some Italian Cream Sodas before settling in at our airbnb. Simple and romantic. My favorite kind of date.

He – Shirt & Tie: Banana Republic // Shoes: Aldo // Jeans: GAP
She – Dress: H&M // Belt: Target // Heels: Candies

One from after the break. He and I. She and him.Β 

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