Halloween ’15

 Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! BEETLEJUICE! 
This year for Halloween, Big A and I had plans to be Mary Poppins and a Chimney Sweep, but alas as the universe would have it, our Halloween party was given a theme: the 80’s. So, we looked around for a bit and thought of several different costumes, none of which was as appealing as being a classic Beetlejuice and Lydia (funny story: neither of us had ever seen Beetlejuice before committing to this costume and after watching it we were even more excited!)
Big A really got into the character. He may or may not have watched the movie and practiced lines prior to the party. It took me almost an hour to paint his face and do his eye makeup but the poor kid didn’t realize the woes of eyeliner until it was too late. #dedication
My costume was much easier, just a little dead face and to be totally honest here, I didn’t even fix my fair. My costume clearly spoke for itself and yes, it was itchy.
We had so much fun at the party and we were not the only Beetlejuice and Lydia there, but I’ll stick by the idea that we were the best ones. To see more of the party and 80’s costumes, check out the hashtag #elmsthalloween !
Happy Halloween Folks! I hope you ended October with a spooky awesome bang!
pics from the party – time to get scary!

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