weekend vibes

The weekend was absolutely marvelous as usual. During the week, I have a pretty predictable routine: work, home, dinner, workout, sleep, repeat. But on the weekends, there’s some rhythm but there also moments of true spontaneity and I really enjoy documenting them here. 
Friday two words: Date. Night. 
My man, me, dinner, and some good old fashion chivalry. We went to a new Chinese Restaurant in Uptown before settling down at home together. We originally planned to go to Aurora ( a light festival hosted in downtown ) but the crowds and traffic ultimately decided for us that we didn’t want to go. 
Saturday : 
  • a late morning ( I slept like a champ) followed by cinnamon rolls with coffee. 
  • a trip to target, marshalls, and tj maxx – all to just look around! 
  • finished by: homemade wings (by yours truly) and watching Beetlejuice (our first time and we loved it! I can’t wait to be Beetlejuice and Lydia for Halloween!) and Mars Attacks – a Tim Burton evening if you will.
( loot from our target run: a honeypot coffee mug – nate burkus candle. TO. DIE. FOR. )
Sunday – a late breakfast, a little blogging, a lot of football, and plenty of cuddles. (see my other post from this weekend, here).

I really do love the weekend. It’s the best beginning and end to every week.

See you next time Friday! xoxo, Burns

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