the story of the dresses

I pretty much never wear dresses when they aren’t warranted. I don’t wear them to work, I didn’t wear them to school, but the when occasion arises that they are necessary, I pull one out from the dusty depths of my closet and play dress up. This used to be only on special occasions like a graduation or bridal showers, but now that term “special occasion” applies more loosely in my life.

You see, Big A and I have sort of a long distance relationship. Yes, I know it’s only an hour, but we only see each other 3 days a week. So every time we are together, especially the first time after 5 days, it is a special occasion. That means a dress and the biggest smile I can wear.

I love date night. I love how special it is.

I’d wear a dress everyday if it meant everyday was like that day.

dress: old navy // sweater & handbag: forever 21 // booties: aldoΒ 

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