a real case of the mondays

Well the weekend was certainly everything I’d hoped for but sadly it’s Monday again.

You know, when I was in college, it used to drive me crazy that everyone was so hyped up about the weekend. They would count down the days until Friday – ALMOST THE WEEKEND – and here I find myself doing the exact same thing. I remember how frustrated and sad it made me that people only had Friday – Sunday to look forward to and now I am a part of that sad Eeyore alliance.  
I’m not sure what it is that’s got me so down in the dumps about the weekdays – my job, missing Big A, being in Fort Worth or just a combination of things – but I’ve got to shake it somehow. I want to enjoy the week and I’m going to make it my mission to do just that. 
Because who wants a life where you only enjoy three days out of the week?  

Over the weekend – we attended a work function for Big A – How cute and grown up are we? 🙂 Picture taken in front of the Arlington Museum of Art in Texas.

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