Chicago Vacation – 4/4

Our last day in Chicago was quite possibly the best day of our vacation. With no particular reason, the day just went smoothly. We had no plans. We had no tours. Just me and Big A and the Windy city.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day and we spent a significant amount of time outside enjoying it. 
Some highlights: 

  • Hands down, the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had for breakfast.
  • We played 2 games of mini golf at 2 different places. I lost both times. (apparently a high score is bad?)
  • We rode the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier even though the two of us were terrified.
  • Lake Michigan seriously looks like the ocean.
  • We visited the John Hancock Tower and enjoyed it’s incredible views for a few hours.
  • We played games, had beer, and ate about 10 small plates for dinner at a wonderful place called For The Win.
Like I said, nothing special. Just a beautiful and relaxing day. The perfect end to the perfect vacation.

(after we left Chicago we went through St. Louis and met my brother-in-law and sister at the City Museum which apparently is a rigorous workout and obstacle course location. We didn’t take many pictures, but this one is my fave :))

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