Chicago Vacation – 3/4

I have rewritten this post about 10 or 15 times and I’m still not sure that I like the words that I’ve written. 
In some ways, I’d like to say that our third day of vacation was bad but in other ways, I’d like to say that our third day of vacation was a blessing.
The day started strong. We went sightseeing, had 2 scheduled tours, and a fancy date night planned. But the strong slowly got weak. I left my phone in the cab, we used 3 hours trying to find it, and I got sick at our fancy date night. 
But just like all rain clouds, there was a silver lining and all was well by the next morning. 
Some highlights of an unusual day: 

  • We went to the Field Museum which is by far the coolest museum I’ve ever been to. We only intended on seeing the dinosaur exhibit but ended up staying 3 hours immersed entirely in an exhibit about evolution. It was incredible, educational, and inspiring.
  • We were so busy this day that we didn’t have time for lunch.
  • We went on an architecture river cruise, which proved to be very interesting and a beautiful way to see the city. Note to self: go on a dinner cruise on my next visit.
  • I left my phone in a cab and learned how to track it via Google.
  • We went on a walking tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation – The Evolution of Skyscrapers.
  • Although we had Al’s Beef a few nights before, we ate the competition for a late snack: Portillo’s (Al’s Beef is better).
  • We had dinner reservations at Bavette’s. It was delicious and the restaurant had a speakeasy swanky vibe. Our waiter also pretended he had a British accent. #didntgetanextratipforthat

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