Chicago Vacation – 1/4

Chicago was a bit of a dream vacation. 
There were highs and lows, but above all this trip was a milestone in many different regards. A milestone in our relationship, a milestone in our minds, and a milestone in our hearts. Needless to say, we fell in love with the city. It was beautiful and incredible in so many ways and I’m so happy that we made the trek (driving from Dallas) to see the Windy City in all it’s gorgeous summer beauty. 
On our first day, we made a trip out to the suburbs to see the Frank Lloyd Wright home and Studio and to visit the Brookfield Zoo. We had bigger plans for the day, but every day our plans slipped right through our fingers and we molded with what the day brought. 
Some highlights:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright is old. Like really old. Like his house was built in the 1900s old. I had no idea. A quaint home and incredible studio. But old.
  • Pizza from Giordano’s takes 45 minutes to make and it’s 2 inches thick and tastes like a goddess made it.
  • The Brookfield Zoo is a zoo built by the Chicago Zoological Society and may be one of the best zoos I’ve ever visited. Big A saw his first Polar Bear and I saw my first Grizzly.
  • The Brookfield Zoo sold Blue Raspberry ICEE’s in 1 foot tall cups and we bought 2.
  • I got blisters on my feet on the first day that caused me problems all week, but nothing stopped me from enjoying vacation.
  •  I slept so hard that night that I didn’t wake up until 9 the next day.
More to come!

the only way to kick off a 9 hour drive!

halfway in St. Louis!

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