last weekend

Last weekend Big A and headed up to Oklahoma to spend some quality time with each of our families and we attended a wedding of a dear family friend of mine. I have known her since I was about ten years old and although my earliest memories of her include her running for student council in sixth grade, she has grown into a beautiful woman and I wish her and her new husband all the best! The wedding was so much fun and it’s definitely gotten me excited for the next one I’m headed to in August!
(my favorite picture from the weekend. me and sis – always having fun!)
We really had a great weekend. It was both relaxing and peaceful. A weekend where I was constantly reminded how happy I am. On our drive home through a detour in Southern Oklahoma, I begged Big A to pull over near Turner Falls on a “scenic overlook” and I am so happy that he obliged. Over the edge of a cliff, where I thought only a forest and rolling hills resided, we found a gorgeous waterfall. We stayed for only a few minutes but they were such happy minutes. Minutes and scenery I could never forget 🙂

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