where’s friday?

This week has been a series of hurtles to get up and around. I swear every day I’ve woken up and wanted to slam down on the snooze button to sleep for days. 
But alas, this is not college and I have a job-so that sucks. 
But why so tired? Last weekend I had a bachelorette party to attend that lasted from (basically) Thursday to (basically) Sunday. I had a good time (mostly) and got to spend some quality time with my sister which is a pretty rare occurrence these days as she lives in Missouri and I live in Texas. But a quick recap: 
Thursday: pizza and a late night chat with roomie & sis
Friday: drive to dallas / beers with Big A and sis / bachelorette kick off at Blue Fish in Dallas
Saturday: late breakfast / pool time / dinner @ BWW’s / dancing and bachelorette glory at Gatsby Nightclub in Dallas (seriously so great, go if you get the time!)
Sunday: goodbyes to the group / breakfast with Big A & sis / drop sis at the airport / relax
Overall it was a really good weekend but it certainly drained me and left me feeling weary for the week. It’s only Wednesday and I’m dying for Friday to make an appearance. I have only a few plans this upcoming weekend, one of which is to see the Jurrasic World in 3D IMAX!!! I have been planning this since January and I absolutely cannot wait. 
Bring on the weekend!

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