take me out to the ball game

Early last week I was privileged enough to win tickets at work for the Picnic at the Park & Rangers Baseball game hosted by the Tarrant County Alliance for Children Organization.
So on a Sunday afternoon, Big A and I hit up Arlington Globe Life Park to watch the Rangers take on the Red Sox. We went to the Hall of Fame first where Alliance for Children was hosting a luncheon and a silent auction. It was actually a great little set up: all the hotdogs and baked beans you could eat, beer you could drink, and cotton candy and popcorn to take into the game!
This was actually my very first real baseball game so it was quite the experience. I’ve been to TONS of high school games, but no college, no professional – naturally this experience had to be documented!
Truth be told, I don’t really like baseball…. like at all hahaha…. but it was so much fun!

 Short Story: After the game (or really after we left) we were wondering around outside the stadium and there were these giant baseballs (below) and I wanted to sit on one for a picture but when I tried, I couldn’t get up there. Then some child ran by and hopped right on. So I made it a mission and got right on up there! It doesn’t sound like it, but it was pretty hilarious.

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