So here’s something you haven’t seen in ages, a fashion post:
I’m wearing all Target here – jacket and V-neck. Old Target too, not like new target who steals from etsy 😉 Plus AE jeans from 3 years ago and shoes from 5 years ago. Nothing new. Nothing fancy. But today I woke up, got ready, hit the door at 7am and felt more like myself than I have in so long thus the documentation. 
This week has been so long. It’s been rainy and gloomy down here in DFW so I’m pretty happy  I’m only hours away from the weekend. I’ve got big plans too: naps, chili, and Netflix. WOAH.
But honestly, I’ll need all the rest I can get because next weekend I’m driving down to Houston for a mini vacation!!! I literally can’t wait, but more on that later. 
Happy Friday Friends! Have a good weekend!  

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