fort worth zoo

If you know anything about me at all, then you know that I love the zoo. I have a hardcore soft spot for animals (not like a pet person) but for real-wild animals. It is literally at the top of my bucket list to see the wild – Antarctica, Africa, the Amazon, the Rain Forest, all of it. I have my favorite animals like any other person, but they aren’t as typical as a lion or a bear. In order: 
 1.   Penguins. Hands down. Penguins. A lot of people like penguins and some may even love them, but not like I do. Did you know that of the 17 different kinds of Penguins, only 4 of them are cold weather creatures? My favorite, as is most, is the Emperor Penguin. However, like I saw in Fort Worth, and most do in Zoos, the African Penguin is most prevalently held in zoos.
2.        Pandas. I adore Pandas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person, but it’s on my list. It will be done! 
3.        Hippopotamus’. This was the first time, I have ever seen a hippo. Sadly, it didn’t move and it was under the water, but I have to tell you that my heart stopped for a second. I was so eager I could barely stand it. I’m not surprised it didn’t move though, Hippopotamus’ are night creatures and spend the majority of the day sleeping underwater with their almost 9,000 lb bodies to hold them down.
4.        Salt Water Crocodiles. This one is uber specific. I don’t just like Crocodiles, and I’ll cut you if you ever say I do. I specifically have a nerdy crush on Salt Water Crocs. They are extremely fascinating creatures. Along with swimming in the ocean with you, these puppies can get up to 20 ft long!!!!
5.        Birds. This one is widly generic, aside from bigger “birds” like Eagles and vultures, I love birds. In fact, on any given chance I’ll give food to birds just so they’ll come near me. Here in Fort Worth, you’re given the fabulous opportunity to take a feeding stick inside a bird cage and they get SO CLOSE. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on my joy.  
Now five fun and nerdy things later, enjoy…..the Fort Worth Zoo with me and some of my favorite people!

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