easter in oklahoma

On Friday I packed my bags, picked up my pup, and headed up to Oklahoma for the Easter weekend. It was a short few days, but just what I needed right before I move into my apartment ON FRIDAY! 

I spent the night in with my parents and grandparents. We talked and shared some stories; it’s been just over a month since I was home last – so it was nice to just check in and see how everyone’s been doing since we lost my uncle in early March. I also got some downtime with my dad who headed to work the next day at 3am.

Saturday was me and mommy time. We took my nephew out for pancakes, shopped till we dropped (try Sam’s, Marshalls, Ross, Pet Co. and this gorgeous Yarn Store – Loops), and then met my aunt for a coffee date. It was perfect, the weather was gorgeous, and spring was certainly in the air (p.s. check out all those tulips!)
(Yarn & Tulips) 

(Loops – Tulsa Yarn Store)
Later that night we had dinner with my grandparents – Pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. YUM. Then the pup and I had some one on one time with all the Easter treats I bought for him.
(The sweetest Pup around: Chuck w/ 2 Pig Ears)

Sunday was family time. Burgers and hot dogs and rain. It rains every Easter in Oklahoma, without fail. But we stuck it out. I left early (around 1) and made it back to Dallas just before the rain hit here. I said goodbye to my puppy, goodbye to my family, and turned back to my life as usual. 
I can’t wait for Friday, but thanks for the great weekend fam. 

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