shuckin’ corn and cookin’ dinner

8 for $2 Corn @ your local Sprouts
I’ve never really been one to eat healthy, at all. By healthy, I don’t just mean fruits and veggies. I mean variety and I mean cooking at home. 
As a child, it was really a constant struggle for my parents to get me to branch out and eat something good for me, or really to try anything new. I was resilient and hell bent on eating only what I wanted. Unfortunately though, that finally caught up to me a few months ago and I experienced some pretty terrible side effects from the lack of proper nourishment, so I was pushed into fixing my diet. Eating less Chick-fil-a and trying a little diddy called salad. 
I won’t lie, in the beginning it felt like the end of the world. I thought, this is the end (so dramatic), but with the encouragement of those I love and the help of a master dietician, I put my life back on the right track. Slowly but surely, I replaced a 4 hour coffee binge every morning with a smoothie, I replaced fried food for lunch with a sandwich and pineapple, and decided on a salad instead of fries. It wasn’t easy, but I’m starting to feel good and just like a long time smoker kicking the habit, I can finally breathe again. 
I’m starting to cook again, all the time really and making things from homemade sesame chicken to chipotle chicken chili. In just the last few months, I’ve tried over 15 different foods and I’m not stopping there. I’ve found adventure in cooking my own food. I’ve found fun. 
This weekend I picked up some corn at Sprouts (8 for $2!) and shucked it myself. I don’t know if it’s because of my situation, but I’m starting to find a great joy in the inconveniences and time consumption that is cooking for yourself. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. 
You never know, maybe I’ll share some recipes sometime soon 😉

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