Choose Joy


(Left photo from a year ago–right photo from this week)

I get compliments all the time about how much weight I’ve lost, how good I look, how tiny I’ve gotten, etc. All of which are shortly followed by, what diet are you on or what workout are using?Β  Lately my quickest answer has been my job and truthfully, part of it is my job. I do physical labor for 40-50 hours a week. Anyone who goes from nothing to that will surely lose weight,Β  but that wasn’t all of it.

For me, it wasn’t about the excercise, or what I was eating, literally it was the way I felt. The way I felt about me, my life, and my body. So how did I do it? What did I do to turn it all around?

I changed my perspective, I changed my attitude. Things that use to stress me out, I’ve made peace with and they no longer do. Where I once looked forward to days off, I now live every day, minute by minute. I’m more successful at work, my runs are more vigorous,  and do you know how much more enjoyable a glass of wine with friends is, when you aren’t thinking of tomorrow’s to do list?

I’ve taken a stance on my life to choose joy and I am much happier person because of it. There is peace inside and out. So next time you see me, ask me, how good do you feel?


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