truly beautiful

Processed with VSCOcamThe very first place I flew on an airplane to was to California. I had just turned 18 and we were going to visit my dad in San Francisco to spend some time with him and see the city. It was my first time in an airport, my first time on a plane, and my first time outside the bible belt.

I swear since then, I’ve never seen the world the same. Once you’ve been above the clouds and you’ve seen just how close you can get to another world, your heart can’t go home tempted to never wander.

Since that trip, I’ve been in tons of airports, flew on countless planes, and I’ve seen cities all over the U.S.

But, I’ve always come back home. To the place where my heart is safe and I know how to drive and there’s just half as much litter as there is everywhere else in the world. I love Oklahoma, I always have and I always will, it was my home.

Was my home… I feelย so compelled to say that I don’t know where home is. I’m not lost, but undecided. My heart is literally in more than one place right now.

I’d like to beย back above the clouds, like I was the very first time. In total awe of their beauty from above, I forgot myself and the world we are in. It was truly, beautiful.


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